Our kindergarten is co-financed by the local community in accordance with 34.article of the law on the kindergarten.

Each section in the kindergarten has maximum 14 children.

The price include the costs  of diapers, wipes, tissues, creams and other toiletries.

Monthly reservation with 30% discount is possible to implement twice a year in the situation when a child is announced absent from kindergarten for a full month.


The actual payment of the program depends on:

  • the payment class in which the child is allocated according to the decision of the Social Work Centre
  • the county in which the family has a permanent residence and is liable for the co-financing
  • if a child who is being enrolled in kindergarten is enrolled as a first or a second child in the current school year


For parents,who may want can be prepared an indicative calculation of the payment on the basis of the information provided.


The meals price amounts 4.20 € per day and it depends on child's presence in the kindergarten.

The projects in which we participate are: